The organizers of the PRO:WOC don’t provide accommodation in hotels. However, as in previous years, we have organized places in the Lechicka Hotel. As in previous years, we will try to organize the bus transfer to and from the hotel.


Get the proposed prices in hotels only when booking directly at the hotel and with the information that it is about “programming championships”.

All places in the hotel are guaranteed until the places run out.

Recommended Hotel
Hotel Lechicka ***

Address: Lechicka 101, 61-619 Poznań

  • Two-person room: 155,00 zł
  • Three-person room: 190,00 zł


These are gross prices for a room per day with breakfast. There is a free small pool and gym in the hotel.

The order of applications, booking confirmations and payment is decisive for accepting the reservation. To make a reservation, please contact: or + 48 728 414 957. For the participants of the hotel, the hotel puts vat invoices and allows payment by transfer.