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MWPZ ’19 and the truth behind PRO:WOC

MWPZ is an amazing story of many generations of students and graduates co-organizing major stationary competitions in team programming in Poland and Europe. From the beginning we set ambitious goals for the competition to be open, connecting people regardless of location, age, affiliation or level of advancement. We managed to organize 11 editions of MWPZ, in which over 4 000 polish competitors took part.


However, our dream is to organize a wider range of competitions – international competitions. Although in the third edition in 2005 we invited teams from Hungary and Portugal to Poznań, and in 2015 and 2016 we had a remote location for several teams in New York and Princeton, but for all these years MWPZ was primarily a polish competition.


For this reason, this year we have decided to organize not only the location in Poznań, but also a parallel competitions taking place in several large cities in Poland, in which 30-40 teams will start outside Poznań! It is a difficult challenge because we want to ensure the same high level of organization everywhere.


Next year, we’re extending the idea to other countries and that’s how PRO:WOC 2020 will look like. The real PROgramming WOrld Championship open for everyone.


Stay tuned and you’ll learn more at MWPZ this year ?

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In the first week of October, we are starting registration for this year’s MWPZ. We can’t wait.


MWPZ has always been an open competition. Our goal is to show that learning is open and that all people are equal through algorithms and programming, regardless of wealth, nation, geographical location. We want to create an international community centered around the idea of ​​team programming. For this we will have to change a little bit.