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Logo prowoc złote


MWPZ has always been an open competition. Our goal is to show that learning is open and that all people are equal through algorithms and programming, regardless of wealth, nation, geographical location. We want to create an international community centered around the idea of ​​team programming. For this we will have to change a little bit ?

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MWPZ a little bit different

Everything indicates that thanks to the courtesy of the University of Wrocław and the Jagiellonian University, we will have two locations in Wrocław and Kraków for the Junior category groups this year. Thanks to this, those who cannot travel will take part in the MWPZ. The University of Wrocław and the Jagiellonian University are distinguished not only by level of training, but also by community support. We encourage more universities (we have rumors that there may still be new ones), high schools or institutions to organize computer workstations and to be the local host-organizer of MWPZ.


We are pleased to inform that in August the team who creating tasks for our competitions started work.